The Commercial Album - Preserved Edition (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP

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Limited pREServed Edition. With extensive new essay by the group’s mysterious archivist.

• The legendary 1980 album Remastered from the Original Tapes.
• 2LP set with 12” x 12” booklet.
• Includes the previously unreleased ‘Coms 1-3 RDX Suite’
(Taken from the ‘Commercial Album’ multitrack tapes).
• Produced with the residents and the cryptic corporation.
• The seventh in a series of vinyl re-issues of The Residents’ classic 70s albums.

Commercial Album showcased the incredible depth of the group’s musical palette and proved definitively that they could easily be as big as The Beatles if they wanted to. Probably bigger, actually. Featuring a breathless collage of toe-tappers, memorable melodies, instrumental experiments and guest performers (Fred Frith, Chris Cutler and XTC’s Andy Partridge among them), the record has since acquired legendary status among both fans and confused onlookers alike.

Alongside the original album, this 2LP edition presents the ‘COMS 1-3 RDX Suite’ – a brand new interpretation of (almost) the entire album, produced by the group using the original multi-track tapes – and a brand new sleevenote essay shedding new light on the album’s production.

Track List:

Side A
1. Easter Woman
2. Perfect Love
3. Picnic Boy
4. End Of Home
5. Amber
6. Japanese Watercolor
7. Secrets
8. Die In Terror
9. Red Rider
10. My Second Wife
11. Floyd
12. Suburban Bathers
13. Dimples And Toes
14. The Nameless Souls
15. Love Leaks Out
16. Act Of Being Polite
17. Medicine Man
18. Tragic Bells
19. Loss Of Innocence
20. The Simple Song

Side B
1. Ups And Downs
2. Possessions
3. Give It To Someone Else
4. Phantom
5. Less Not More
6. My Work Is So Behind
7. Birds In The Trees
8. Handfull Of Desire
9. Moisture
10. Love Is…
11. Troubled Man
12. La La
13. Loneliness
14. Nice Old Man
15. The Talk Of Creatures
16. Fingertips
17. In Between Dreams
18. Margaret Freeman
19. The Coming Of The Crow
20. When We Were Young
Side C
1. COMS 1-3 RDX SUITE Pt 1
(The ‘Commercial Album’ multi-track tapes)

Side D
1. COMS 1-3 RDX SUITE Pt 2
(The ‘Commercial Album’ multi-track tapes)

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