Idrissa's Dream

Vinyl 2LP



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Strut continues their work from the archives of Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids with a first ever vinyl release of Ackamoor’s debut avant-garde / Afro-jazz recordings from 1971 with The Collective, based out of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

This concert is the only professional recording of The Collective from a performance at Kelly Hall in August 1971. “After this, I think the Steves went back to Wright-Patterson,” continues Ackamoor, “and The Collective just naturally evolved and transitioned into the Pyramids. I felt like The Collective was my birth as a composer; we created such a tapestry of sound because Lester had the talent to play enormous arpeggios and colours on the piano, both classically and as improvisation. Our music was just a natural expression, coming from our souls, our hearts and our minds. A channel from above... But it was not pre-designed in any

 Includes full interview with Idris Ackamoor + unpublished photos.


  1. The Shepherd's Tune 
  2. Idrissa's Dream Part 1 
  3. Idrissa's Dream Part 2 
  4. Black Queen 
  5. Beginning Roots Part 1 
  6. Beginning Roots Part 2 
  7. Veil of Solitude 
  8. Mad and Black