Vol. 1


Lol Elliott and Martin Newell, who together formed the legendary lo-fi band Cleaners from Venus met in the small town of Wivenhoe in Southeast England at the turn of 1980s. Newell, a rock singer and part-time kitchen porter who'd left his band the previous summer, and Elliott, a drummer and former hippy traveller, had much in common. They shared a love of sunny 1960s pop music, punk rock and musical comedy. Neither Elliott nor Newell cared much for any kind of musical rule book and both were dismayed by the new right-wing politics which had now taken over their country. In their twenties, the two had time on their hands and were keen to create something new.

This beautiful, 3xCD gatefold features the albums Blow Away Your Troubles, On Any Normal Monday and Midnight Cleaners. It. includes a booklet with album bios written by Newell himself as well as never-before-released photos.


  1. Swinging London
  2. A Blue Wave
  3. 3 Union Lads
  4. Helpless
  5. Winter In the Country
  6. Modern Tv
  7. Kool of the Night
  8. The Trevor Rutter Experience
  9. Marathon
  10. A Personal Issue
  11. Marathon (2)
  12. Urban Jungle
  13. A Minimal Animal
  14. I Fell In Love With a Cleaner
  15. So This is Modern Jazz, is It?
  16. Marilyn On a Train
  17. A Weekend In Subordia
  18. Wivenhoe Bells
  19. University Challenge
  20. Alien
  21. At Home With Myself
  22. The Artichoke That Loved Me
  1. Night Starvation
  2. Tukani (Monday is Grey)
  3. A Girl With Cars In Her Eyes
  4. I Can't Stop (Holding On)
  5. Living On Nerve Ends
  6. I Wanna Do That
  7. European War
  8. Hungry Day
  9. F.U.N.
  10. Be an Idiot Pop Star
  11. Marilyn On a Train
  1. This Rainy Decade
  2. Time In Vain
  3. Only a Shadow
  4. Corridor of Dreams
  5. Wivenhoe Bells (II)
  6. Midnight Cleaners
  7. Factory Boy
  8. A Wretched Street
  9. Don't You Worry About the Ads