Unknown Country




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Recorded and mixed in two sessions during 1996, The Clean yet again prove to be masters of musical innovation, three guys who can only amaze when they come together and throw all their ideas down on tape. And as a mood of supreme grooviness is all-pervading on Unknown Country, this is The Clean at their most timeless.

"Unknown Country could well be The Clean's best album ever. The odd pop songs focus on the tension and the release that characteristic of psychedlic rock although 'Champagne and Misery' stays close The Clean's canon, 'Wipe Me I'm Lucky' experiments shyly, and 'Walk Walk' is warped like a cartoon soundtrack."

- Pierre Scaruffi, The History of Rock Music

Track Listing
1. Wipe Me, I'm Lucky
2. Champagne & Misery
3. Changing Your Head
4. Balkans
5. Clutch
6. Franz Kafka At The Zoo
7. Whisk
8. Indigo Blue
9. Chumpy
10. Get The Liquid
11. Happy Lil Fella
12. Tweezer
13. Rope
14. Twist Top
15. Cooking Water
16. Valley Cab
17. Wall Walk
18. Balkans