He Gave Me Nothing To Lose (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP


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The Clark Sisters’ fourth album for Westbound's Sound Of Gospel label is the one that pushed them firmly towards the crossover market. Whilst there was traditional soul-based gospel fare on tracks like My Cup Runneth Over they hustled onto the dance floor on disco-influenced gems like My Life Is Complete With Jesus and Everything Is Gonna Be Alright.

The Clark Sisters were one of the great gospel groups and also part of a great gospel dynasty. Their mother was the great Mattie Moss Clark, and their uncle was Bill Moss. Written, produced and arranged by core member Elbernita “Twinkie” Clark, the album features instrumental contributions from famous Detroit soul names such as Melvin Davis and the Counts’ Leroy Emmanuel.

Although the Clark Sisters are one of the biggest-selling gospel groups of all time, this is the first time He Gave Me Nothing To Lose has been reissued since it was originally released in 1979.


Side A
1. My Life Is Complete With Jesus
2. My Cup Runneth Over
3. God Understands All
4. Nothing To Lose, All To Gain

Side B
1. Everything Is Going To Be Alright
2. Only Believe
3. Determination