Trouble Again In This Town

Vinyl LP

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New Zealand legend Graeme Jefferies' presents The Cakekitchen's next chapter in sound - Trouble Again in this Town. Jefferies first release in 4 years and first US release in 9 years taps a similar vein to his landmark Cakekitchen releases on Flying Nun, Homestead, and Merge, continuing his prolific arc of stellar songwriting while yielding a unique sonic soundscape for the anxious times in which we live. The album features the single-worthy title track, anchored by great cuts like 'Fall to Bits' and 'Too Little Too Late.' 


  1. Fall To Bits
  2. Trouble Again In This Town
  3. Just To Be Your Superhero
  4. Too Little Too Late
  5. Monkberry Moon Delight
  6. The Trains Are On Time?
  7. My Insatiable Polyfiller
  8. White Line Fever
  9. A Pig In The Sink

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