Calm Before The Storm



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Written in New Zealand over a four year period “Calm Before the Storm” features more instrumentals than any previous Cakekitchen album but still contains a large proportion of songs with lyrics and vocals.

The instrumentation sways between acoustic guitars, regal pianos, banjos, insect like percussion and found sounds. The first song on the album, For So Long, is free to download and has a video for it on the Cakekitchen youtube channel. Instrumental “Parrot Island” also has a video up on youtube.

Cellos and violas nibble their way into the back of your ear during the course of the album. The song “Back of a Bus” seems to somehow envoke revolution. Everyone gets picked on. The cold war is reheated with scorn to a White Light/White Heat style left hand piano part. Fingers are sternly pointed at antipodean leaders. John Key is declared an ant and Kevin Rudd is mockingly scoffed at.

For So Long 9:36
Little Blue Penguins 3:35
Back Of A Bus 3:42
Parrot Island 3:31
Come Back Home 3:34
Mrs Fishbone 5:55
Work Today 1:58
Little Shit Of The Week 3:55
Boganfoot Bill 4:06
Calm Before The Storm 4:59