London Zoo (Reissue) (Vinyl 3LP)

Vinyl 3LP

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Possibly Ninja Tune's heaviest hitter when it comes to big bass, badass beats, and dubstep-meets-dancehall danger, The Bug's 2008 game-changer London Zoo is getting a triple vinyl reissue. In case you missed the memo the first time around, or are just looking for a way to make your neighbours windows rattle menacingly, it's high time you latched on to this crucial release that Pitchfork once said "makes Burial's Untrue sound like Music for Airports". With an all-star cast of guests including Flowdan, Ricky Ranking, and Warrior Queen, London Zoo still has the power to dazzle and dement all these years later. - Flying Out

In Gibson's Neuromancer, when Case & Molly meet the two surviving founders of Zion, there is talk of hearing a "mighty dub" in the Babel of tongues signaling the "final days". If indeed we're living in these ‘end times’, as many predict, then there can be no more of an appropriate soundtrack for the coming apocalypse than The Bug's London Zoo.

The Bug is the main project for Kevin Martin, a producer who over the years has also been behind a diverse range of projects. London Zoo was born of three key moments. An introduction to the thriving dubstep scene (of which The Bug was very much a pioneer before it carried a name) and its key producers (via Kode 9) where Kevin realized there was others on the same sonic trajectory as himself, an introduction to Warrior Queen via his work with Wayne Lonesome on the Razor X Productions project, and a Mary Anne Hobb's Breezeblock session which introduced him to Flowdan (Roll Deep), and Ricky Ranking. All three of which figure heavily in the end result and live presentation.

Although the obvious entry point to the album will be the dubstep tag, particularly after the success of the three lead up singles (Jah War, Skeng, and Poison Dart) in that scene, it's a record that clearly reaches past and brings together/celebrates reference points from dancehall, grime, hip-hop, and noise onslaughts. A record that could have only come out of London sound-system culture but whose appeal spans past any singular city or scene.


1. Angry
2. Murder We
3. Skeng
4. Too Much Pain
5. Insane
6. Jah War
7. Fuckaz
8. You & Me
9. Freak Freak
10. Warning
11. Poison Dart (featuring Warrior Queen)
12. Judgement

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