Last Splash (30th Anniversary Edition) (CD)




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A defining album of the 90s, Last Splash by The Breeders turns thirty this year. To celebrate, the band have returned to the original tapes to give it its first-ever remaster, and by doing so have also unearthed two lost tracks that will delight fans. Recorded by the ‘classic’ Breeders line-up of Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson and featuring singles ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Divine Hammer’, Last Splash was “an alt-rock classic” (Pitchfork’s Top 100 Records of 1990s) on release; a fast seller too, quickly attaining Platinum status in the US.Despite having had the boxset treatment on its 20th birthday, the album was still left to be remastered so 10 years on, the original 1⁄2” tapes were taken out of the archives and have been lovingly worked on by Kim Deal, Benjamin Mumphrey and Miles Showell (Abbey Road).Never sounding so good, the album for its 30th anniversary, it’s getting the ultimate vinyl pressing. 


1 New Year (2023 Remaster)
2 Cannonball (2023 Remaster)
3 Invisible Man (2023 Remaster)
4 No Aloha (2023 Remaster)
5 Roi (2023 Remaster)
6 Do You Love Me Now? (2023 Remaster)
7 Flipside (2023 Remaster)
8 I Just Wanna Get Along (2023 Remaster)
9 Mad Lucas (2023 Remaster)
10 Divine Hammer (2023 Remaster)
11 S.O.S. (2023 Remaster)
12 Hag (2023 Remaster)
13 Saints (2023 Remaster)
14 Drivin’ on 9 (2023 Remaster)
15 Roi (Reprise) (2023 Remaster)
16 Go Man Go
17 Divine Mascis