Lost and Safe

Lost and Safe, maintained the Books' reputation as a pioneering musical force, even as they flirted with traditional song structures more than ever before. It would go on to be named Album of the Year by the highly influential music magazine, The Wire.

As with the recently reissued Thought For Food and The Lemon of Pink, Lost and Safe is repackaged with dazzling new artwork and expanded to include lyrics for every song. Carefully and thoughtfully remastered from the original mixes by Zammuto at his new studio outside his home in Vermont, Lost and Safe now boasts an increased warmth and clarity that reveals new details with repeated listens. To be sure, the differences are subtle, but for a band who have transformed minutiae into modern art, that subtlety is downright sublime. 


1. A Little Longing Goes Away
2. Be Good to Them Always
3. Vogt Dig for Kloppervok
4. Smells Like Content
5. It Never Changes to Stop
6. An Animated Description of Mr. Maps
7. Venice
8. None But Shining Hours
9. If Not Now, Whenever
10. An Owl with Knees
11. Twelve Fold Chain