The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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It's been three decades and a year since legendary rock outfit The Black Crowes released their follow-up to their gigantic second album, 1992's The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion, making it high time for a reissue. With original guitarist Jeff Crease out, Marc Ford was in, setting the band up for the sound that would define them for the next five years. Featuring rollicking southern style rock'n'roll hits Remedy, Sting Me, and Thorn in My Pride, The Black Crowes' sophomore is the real rockin' deal, with AllMusic praising the band's ability to "take a classic, tried-and-true sound and make it their own". - Flying Out

The Black Crowes chart-topping sophomore album, The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion.

The album, which entered the US Billboard album chart at No. 1 upon release in 1992, was named after a post-Civil War southern hymnal and is home to some of the band’s biggest hits, including Remedy, Sting Me, and Thorn in My Pride.


1. Sting Me
2. Remedy
3. Thorn In My Pride
4. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
5. Sometimes Salvation
6. Hotel Illness
7. Black Moon Creeping
8. No Speak No Slave
9. My Morning Song
10. Time Will Tell

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