Don't Fit In My Head

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"I've got high hopes for The Beets. The wrestling obsessed artwork of Matt Volz makes for sexy ass cover but what of the content within? I hope it doe's not disappoint. A-side 'Don't Fit In My Head' is a jangly, Velvet Underground style strum-along with stand-up style drums and attitude soaked vocals.  It's a wobbly little New York hipster style tune that sounds great to me. B-side 'It's Okay To Lose' strikes a similar chord sounding not to unlike Modern Lovers or Magazine but with limited playing skills.  This is lovely scrappy indie rock of the like everyone loves so why not give it a try? The artwork is so ridiculously amazing I'm gonna buy it anyhows."


  1. Don't Fit In My Head
  2. It's Okay To Lose