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Wasps' Nest


Wasps' Nest

Captured Tracks

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  • White vinyl is limited to 1000 copies.

In 1996 I was seeing this girl in Providence, RI who had great taste in music (she introduced me to Os Mutantes!). Back then in the indie community you'd trade mixtapes in a romance-y way, which seems almost too sweet now. On the tape she made for me, she included The 6ths "Falling Out of Love (With You)" and wrote "Stephin from Magnetic Fields w/ Dean from Luna" on the J-Card. I was already a huge fan of both bandsand couldn’t believe it -- how had I never heard of this band?! (This was pre-internet era, don’t get mad). The track stood out for me on that mixtape to the point of obsession. I was hooked.

I immediately went to Tom's Tracks and In Your Ear to see if they had the LP. They didn't -- it didn't exist -- but I bought the CD and was blown away. It was such a cool concept and the songwriting was so good. It's hard to imagine a major label releasing it, but there it was. Stephin's choices of singers was impeccable and the production and playing is everything you'd want from that era of The Magnetic Fields. I later learned that it had never been released on LP -- just as a 7" box set (with really killer packaging if you happen to find it; we did our best to recreate the box set artwork on the insert included in this reissue).

One of the cool things with owning a record label is sometimes you get to be selfish and put out a reissue just because you want the LP yourself. Luckily in this instance I know tons of people have also been waiting for this record to be released on this format, so I feel a bit more selfless than normal on this reissue. - Mike Sniper 
Originally released in 1995, Wasps' Nests is the acclaimed, tongue twisting debut from the 6th's -- the side project of The Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt featuring guest vocal appearances by a who's who of 90's indie rock royalty including Dean Wareham (Luna), Georgia Hubley (Yo La Tengo), Mark Robinson (Unrest), Lou Barlow (Sebadoh), Mary Timony, Amelia Fletcher (Heavenly/ Talulah Gosh), Robert Scott (The Bats), Chris Knox, and more. The first time on vinyl LP, Wasps' Nests ranks among Merritt's finest albums from the 90's

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