Terrible Truths

Bedroom Sucks

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Hailing from the stifling depths ofouter suburban living in South Australia, Terrible Truths have turned their local music scene on its head from the get-go, challenging conventions and finding themsevles at the fore of a creative musical reneaisannce.

Limited recordings have trickled out over the years, from the long out-of-print EP released via SA label Small Town City Living, through to a split release with Melbournes similarly-minded Hissey Miyake and a hit single through eminent NYC label Mexican Summer. The band have now turned up the heat on their creative output, with a debut LP finally set for release this October, as well as a spot at Incubate Festival in the Netherlands, touring with label mates Blank Realm and Totally Mild.

Whilst their music beholden to a range of late-70s and early 80s post-punk and no wave sounds, with a healthy mix of 90s riot grrrl flavour, the key to their sound is a fresh and spirted approach to music making that stands our amongst their contemporaries, harking back to the almost naïve energy and enthusaism of early DIY punk and hardcore. The intertwined vocals of guitarist Rani Rose and bassist Stacey Wilson evoke feelings of freedom and discovery; melodies soar in triumphant succession before descending into dark patterns of gloom and goth.

A truly triumphant record, the long-awaited debut from Terrible Truths paints a precise and remarkably rapid-fire picture of a new talent set to take the world by storm.

Artist: Terrible Truths
Title: Terrible Truths
Year: 2015
Label: Bedroom Suck
Format: LP and CD
SKU: BSR-062