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Finding the interconnective tissue between Neu, Popul Vuh, the vocal sculptures of Julianna Barwick, and the sunset strains of Harmonia, TENGGER summons the serene sweep of trickling waters and the natural movement of molecules…and the duo taps the pulse of plasma rippling through the body and set it aloft on their own stretches of synth.

With layers of voice hovering above the harmonics, TENGGER bring about the kind of meditative calm that’s often attached to the New Age, but they lift the genre off of the thrift store shelves and yoga studio tape decks and elevate its bliss into a new era of Kosmiche transcendence.

Track list:

1. Achime
2. Bliss 
3. Water 
4. Eurasia 
5. Us 
6. Flow 

RIYL: Mary Lattimore, Julianna Barwick, Popal Vuh, Neu


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