Here & Now (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP



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The rules of life, the universe, and everything are different out on the wild west coast, never more notably so than in the Te Henga community, also known as Bethells Beach. It makes sense, then, that way out in land of the black sands that music is done a little differently too, and the Te Henga Collective are as different as it gets. Blending reggae, dub and rock, all through their uniquely local lens, the guys have laid down a soulful six tunes and pressed them to wax. Nice. - Flying Out

Raised by the black sands of Te Henga and the lofty heights of the Waitākere Ranges, Te Henga Collective weave together reggae, rap, dub and rock, capturing local narratives and planting fresh perspectives.

Here & Now is an honest snapshot of life in all of its ups and downs, and a heart-felt tribute to a friend who passed away during its recording. From reggae grooves, to soulful harmonies, to weighty guitar riffs - it’s a message of hope and acceptance, and a reminder of the importance of place, belonging and community.

  1. Ganja Say 
  2. Pick Myself Up
  3. Oneiromancer
  4. Respect the Supplier
  5. Just Say I’m Fine
  6. All I Need