Terra Firma



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Tash Sultana’s forthcoming sophomore album Terra Firma, takes a mash-up of genres to create a peacefully inspiring album. Its intoxicating grooves and hypnotic riffs are instantly inviting, but with depth that reveals its rewards the more you absorb it. Including “Beyond the Pine,” “Greed,” “Pretty Lady” and “Willow Tree” featuring Jerome Farah, we can expect a dynamic album, taking root in far-reaching sonic territory. Tash says the album is “recognizably Tash Sultana, but deeper and more nuanced.”


01. Musk
02. Crop Circles
03. Greed
04. Beyond The Pine
05. Pretty Lady
06. Dream My Life Away (feat. Josh Cashman)
07. Maybe You’ve Changed
08. Coma
09. Blame It On Society
10. Sweet & Dandy
11. Willow Tree (feat. Jerome Farah)
12. Vanilla Honey
13. Let The Light In
14. I Am Free