Stop Making Sense (Deluxe Edition)

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The Stop Making Sense concert film, released just shy of forty years ago, remains the definitive statement on live music movies; it was exhilarating then, and it's astonishing now. For the first time on vinyl in its 18-track glory, the entire extraordinary night is captured here, complete with extra tracks Cities and Big Business/I Zimbra and copious notes from the band themselves. From the solo-with-a-boombox opening number Psycho Killer, to the full band glory of This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody), to the Tom Tom Club Genius Of Love moment in all its funky splendour, this is a must-have musical masterpiece!  - Flying Out

The Stop Making Sense full concert for the first time ever on vinyl. 2LP with a reproduction of the original booklet from the 1984 limited edition pressing with additional pages and never before seen photos. Includes brand new notes written by Chris, David, Jerry and Tina. The track list includes previously unreleased tracks “Cities” and “Big Business/I Zimbra”.


  1. Psycho Killer
  2. Heaven
  3. Thank You for Sending Me an Angel
  4. Found a Job
  5. Slippery People
  6. Cities
  7. Burning Down the House
  8. Life During Wartime
  9. Making Flippy Floppy
  10. Swamp
  11. What a Day That Was
  12. This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody)
  13. Once in a Lifetime
  14. Big Business/I Zimbra
  15. Genius of Love
  16. Girlfriend is Better
  17. Take Me to the River
  18. Crosseyed and Painless

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