Vinyl LP

Texas native John Pena began writing and performing under the Heavenly Beat guise in the latter part of 2009. After a handful of short live shows, Pena put performing on the back burner and began working on building a stronger set of songs. He emerged from his bedroom after months of leisurely paced recording sessions with a couple of tracks that would become his first release on Captured Tracks: the 7 inch single "Suday." Being influenced by nothing in particular has paid off as many have had trouble pinning the sound down as anything other than "immaculately arranged and paced" and "attractive music for attractive people." Thus again proving that just because you've heard a song by The Cure or Neil Young doesn't mean you have to ape it shamelessly to gain wide acceptance. Shortly after the release of "Suday," Heavenly Beat released the A-side "Faithless" for their forthcoming 2nd single, igniting not only the blog world but the interest of the uninformed few who might have missed "Suday." By paying homage to no one but himself on his debut TALENT, John Pena proves he is someone to watch.