Little Sieve (Mono Lathe Cut 7")

Mono Lathe Cut 7"

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Atmospheric dream-pop from Christchurch's shoe-gazing-est new artist T.G. Shand!

A bona fide 95bFM favourite, this is a name to keep in your diary for SURE.

We're all staring at our shoes, but some of us are gazing at the stars!

A note from the supplier:
Please note that these are mono lathe-cut vinyl 7"s, they are so great, but want to make sure you know that the sound fidelity is not as high quality as stereo vinyls. Please look through more info on this here:


A: Little Sieve
B: Little Sieve (Instrumental)

Please note that Little Sieve (Mono Lathe Cut 7") is currently not in store but is with our local supplier.

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