The Lost Singles



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The Lost Singles - The Non-Album Hits And B-Sides is a collection of classic singles not included in any Sweet album.


1. Stairway To The Stars
2. Why Don't You Do It To Me
3. Funk It Up
4. A Distinct Lack Of Ancient
5. Action
6. Fox On The Run
7. Miss Demeanor
8. Someone Else Will
9. Burn On The Flame
10. Teenage Rampage
11. Own Up, Take A Look At Yourself

1. The Ballroom Blitz
2. Rock & Roll Disgrace
3. Hell Raiser
4. Burning
5. Blockbuster
6. Need A Lot Of Lovin'
7. Wig Wam Bam
8. New York Connection
9. Little Willy
10. Man From Mecca
11. Poppa Joe
12. Alexander Graham Bell
13. You're Not Wrong For Loving Me