South Locust (Vinyl LP, White)

Vinyl LP (White)



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Purveyors of the finest big guitar sound in the land, Auckland trio Swallow the Rat have just announced their second studio album South Locust, due out September 1st on Austin, Texas label Shifting Sounds. Recorded with the only man for the job, engineer Nick Abbott (Die! Die! Die!, Foals) and mastered by Carl Saff (Sonic Youth), the album finds the band exploring the space and dynamics afforded them by stripping back to a three-piece, clearly invigorated and with the vocals coming to the fore like never before. With guest vocals from Hayley Fisher (Dead Little Penny) and Thom Burton (Guardian Singles), we can't wait to sink into the sound of South Locust. - Flying Out

  1. Terra Nullius
  2. Gravois Park
  3. Mind
  4. Chain Mail
  5. Small Plates
  6. Cave
  7. Zzk
  8. Idea of South
  9. Redactors Dilemma
  10. Straight Roads