We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This




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"Surf City plays with a more confident and reassured sound as the group comes into its own onWe Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This. The band has let go of some its previous reservations and inhibitions noticeable on their first record. With this second effort, Surf City rides waves of fuzz-filled, garage rock and offer up a sunny, warm record to help us squeeze out every last drop of summer." - CMJ Magazine

They're not exactly the stylistic or ideological descendants of The Beach Boys, despite what their nom de plume may infer, but that doesn't stopSurf Citybeing rather brilliant. The New Zealand psych-pop outfit are partial to summoning a maelstrom of smoky rock riffs and the hazy murmur of lo-fi, often adding dreamy synth flourishes into the affected affray - 405 Magazine


  1. It's A Common Life
  2. I Had The Starring Role
  3. Song From A Short-lived TV Series
  4. NYC
  5. Claims Of A Galactic Medium
  6. No Place To Go
  7. I Want You
  8. Oceanic Graphs Of The Wilderness
  9. What Gets Me By