Life on Other Planets (2023 Remaster) (3CD)


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Wallowing in international success and critical acclaim generated by their three previous albums, Supergrass released Life On Other Planets in 2002.Eight years of touring had established Supergrass as one of the most highly regarded and accomplished live bands in the world. In January 2001 the band took a break and, armed with wine, cigarettes and acoustic guitars, barricaded themselves into a villa in the South of France. Here they revelled in the relaxed atmosphere, star-gazing and exploring the musical odyssey that would later become Life On Other Planets.Returning two months later with mini-discs full of ideas, they set to work giving structure to the music before hiring Tony Hoffer (best known for his work with Beck and Air), to produce the album.The final result, with singles Grace, Seen The Light, Never Done Nothing Like That Before and Rush Hour Soul, was a triumph. The album’s vitality, variety and humour still resonate over 20 years later.

Contains the remastered original album, single B-Sides, demos and live versions, many of which are rare or previously unreleased. Also includes a 20-page CD booklet with sleeve notes by Mark Radcliffe and previously unreleased imagery.


CD1: Life On Other Planets album 2023 remaster
1. Za
2. Rush Hour Soul
3. Seen The Light
4. Brecon Beacons
5. Can’t Get Up
6. Evening Of The Day
7. Never Done Nothing Like That Before
8. Funniest Thing
9. Grace
10. La Song
11. Prophet 15 
12. Run

CD2: Extras Terrestrial
1. Dark Star
2. Za (Helioscentric Demo)
3. Rush Hour Soul (Helioscentric Demo)
4. Everytime
5. Seen The Light (Helioscentric Demo)
6. I Told The Truth
7. The Loner
8. Brecon Beacons (Helioscentric Demo)
9. Can’t Get Up (Helioscentric Demo) 
10. Evening Of The Day (Helioscentric Demo)
11. Funniest Thing (Helioscentric Demo)
12. Stinkfinger
13. Velvetine 
14. Electric Cowboy 
15. Tishing In Windows (Kicking Down Doors) 
16. That Old Song
17. La Song (Helioscentric Demo)
18. Prophet 15 (Helioscentric Demo) 
19. Tronic 
20. Life On Other Planets

CD3: Live Forms
1. Za (Elysée Montmartre)
2. Rush Hour Soul (Elysée Montmartre)
3. Seen The Light (Elysée Montmartre)
4. Brecon Beacons (Elysée Montmartre)
5. Can’t Get Up (Heineken Music Hall)
6. Evening Of The Day (Wembley Arena)
7. Never Done Nothing Like That Before (Elysée Montmartre)
8. Funniest Thing (Wembley Arena)
9. Grace (Wembley Arena)
10. La Song (Wembley Arena) 
11. Prophet 15 (V2002)
12. The Loner (Elysée Montmartre)
13. Run (Elysée Montmartre) 
14. Rush Hour Soul (Live Acoustic) 
15. Seen The Light (Live Acoustic)
16. Evening Of The Day (Live Acoustic)
17. Can’t Get Up (Live Acoustic)

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