Shut Up I Am Dreaming (Reissue)

Pronounced Kroog

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Originally released in 2006 on Absolutely Kosher Records, Shut Up I Am Dreaming is the first full-band effort from Montreal’s Sunset Rubdown, a project previously reserved for the solo experiments of Wolf Parade’s Spencer Krug. Alongside Michael Doerksen (guitar), Jordan Robson-Cramer (drums, keys, guitar), and Camilla Wynne-Ingr (keys, percussion, vocals), Krug and his new band recorded the songs in just five days with the help of engineers Jace Lasek and Dave Smith at Breakglass Studios.Though met with praise by fans and critics alike, placing 15th on Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums of 2006, Shut Up I Am Dreaming was never made available on LP. Now, fifteen years later, Krug is having the album pressed to vinyl via his own tiny record label, Pronounced Kroog. Remastered for vinyl at Greymarket Mastering by Harris Newman (the same engineer who mastered the original), and with original cover art by Matt Moroz reformatted for LP jacket, this first-ever pressing of a now cult classic will be available this winter. After a decade and a half of earnest inquiries, Sunset Rubdown fans are finally able to add Shut Up I Am Dreaming to their record collections. About time!


  1. Stadiums And Shrines II
  2. They Took A Vote And Said No
  3. Us Ones In Between
  4. I'm Sorry I Sang On Your Hands That Have Been In The Grave
  5. Snakes Got A Leg III
  6. The Empty Threats Of Little Lord 
  7. Swimming
  8. The Men Are Called Horsemen There
  9. Q-Chord
  10. Shut Up I Am Dreaming Of Places Where Lovers Have Wings