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Sunking is the experimental sights and sounds of Seattle natives Bobby Granfelt & Antoine Martel, an outlet for the duo whose music is "steeped in funk, fusion, and the dreamier end of the rock spectrum," said Seattle's The Stranger.The Stranger also went on to say that "this city needs more groups like sunking, who flit among genres such as hip-hop, jazz, and shoegaze rock while messing with the DNAs of each style they address."Both Granfelt and Martel are also members of High Pulp, a jazz collective that draws influences from punk rock, shoegaze, hip-hop, and electronic music. Also signed to ANTI-, their album Pursuit of Ends came out in April of this year."High Pulp blend old-school bebop with contemporary soul and electronica vibes, as though someone convinced the ghost of Duke Ellington to reinterpret a Chemical Brothers album," said the A.V. Club.


1. Natural Monopoly (feat. Beanieskimask)
2. Good Intentions 
3. Bad Habits 
4. …Anxiiety 
5. Inheri(past)tence 
6. Had a Few Religious Experiences, Forgot Them All (feat. Andy Morrill)
7. Uncle Kane 
8. Salt Body (feat. Robthesoundbank) 
9. Isles In The Sky (feat. Cyanide Haiku) 
10. You Left Early
11. Glitch/Spy 
12. 009 (Reno)
13. The Gun That Kills the Past (feat. Robthesoundbank)
14. Wormhole to Andromeda
15. Hakim Warrick
16. ESP 
17. My Mind Is An Oven 
18. Black Friday (feat. Greg Kramer) 
19. Send More Chuck Berry