The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra

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Recorded across a single day in 1961, and released the following year, The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra did indeed hint in certain moments at the cosmic change in the Arkestra's sound to come, despite employing somewhat traditional (by Sun Ra's standards) jazz arrangements for the most part. Whatever you love about the weird and wonderful world of Sun Ra, it's all here this crossroads moment, right as things were about to get... heliocentric! - Flying Out

Engineered by Paul Cady, the sessions featured nine players, including Ra on piano, Bernard McKinney (later known as Kiane Zawadi, on trombone and euphonium), Marshall Allen (alto sax, flute, among other reed instruments), John Gilmore (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Pat Patrick (bass saxophone), Ronnie Boykins (bass), Willie Jones (drums), Leah Ananda (conga), and Ricky Murray (vocals).

Recorded in just one day, on October 10, 1961, The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra featured 11 tracks. Among the selections is the Latin-influenced opener, Bassism, the bluesy Of Sounds and Something Else, and the aptly named, What’s That?, which breaks into a four-saxophone improvisation, stands out as an example of Ra’s early experimental work.


A1. Bassism 
A2. Of Sounds and Something Else
A3. What's That? 
A4. Where is Tomorrow? 
A5. The Beginning 
A6. China Gates (Victor Young) 
B1. New Day 
B2. Tapestry From An Asteroid 
B3. Jet Flight
B4. Looking Outward
B5. Space Jazz Reverie