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Peter Ruddell is 1/3 of New Zealand's most well known “guitarless guitar band,” noise-rock trio Wax Chattels. He has debuted his solo project SULFATE with the cathartic single, 'Speaking For Others', and is touring around the North Island of New Zealand - performing with David Harris on Drums.

A departure of frantic and frenetic nature of Wax Chattels, Sulfate is doomy, but with strong harmonies supported by its minimal instrumentation. Heavy drums and a distorted electric piano wash throughout while Peter's ambient baritone is complemented by sparse female vocal harmonies.

This a DIY record, written, recorded and mixed by myself - along with all the being artwork my own woodcut prints. As someone who struggles to sit still, it was a bit of a test to see if I could see a project through from inception to completion. From the get go I wanted the record to be very focussed sonically - a particular sound and energy from a particular time and place - so I didn’t labour over it - and for all there is a large amount of sound that washes over you, the arrangements and instrumentation are very minimal. I didn’t want to spend six months finding the perfect synth tone to enhance the second verse - I wanted it to be raw.


  1. Speaking For Others
  2. Top Form
  3. Fetus
  4. Bush
  5. Cyclone Part 1
  6. Cyclone Part 2
  7. Automatic Juicer
  8. Sanctuary for Seabirds