Seven Swans

Vinyl LP
Multi-instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens made a couple of records that slipped under the radar before his third, the astoundingly lush post-rock concept album GREETINGS FROM MICHIGAN, gained him critical attention and cult status. Seemingly bent on not repeating himself, Stevens scales down MICHIGAN's grandeur to a minimalist palette for SEVEN SWANS. Where the previous album was instrumentally comparable to Tortoise or Stereolab, SEVEN SWANS is practically lo-fi, based around simply strummed acoustic guitars, banjo, organ, and hushed vocals. It's more akin to laconic Americana troubadours like Will Oldham and Iron & Wine, though no amount of sonic slimming-down can disguise Stevens's knack for crafty arrangements and accessibly quirky songs. Like-minded spirit Daniel Smith of the Danielson Family produced, and other Family members provide accompaniment that's considerably more structured than their own free-wheeling recordings.

  1. All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands 
  2. The Dress Looks Nice on You 
  3. In the Devil's Territory 
  4. To Be Alone with You 
  5. Abraham 
  6. Sister 
  7. Size Too Small
  8. We Won't Need Legs to Stand 
  9. A Good Man Is Hard to Find 
  10. He Woke Me Up Again 
  11. Seven Swans 
  12. The Transfiguration