All Delighted People

Asthmatic Kitty

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All Delighted People is built around two different versions of Sufjan’s long-form epic ballad All Delighted People, a dramatic homage to the Apocalypse, existential ennui, and Paul Simon’s Sounds of Silence. Sounds delightful, yes! The song was originally workshopped on Sufjan’s previous tour in the fall of 2009. Other songs on the EP include the 17-minute guitar jam-for-single-mothers Djohariah, and the gothic piano ballad The Owl and the Tanager, a live-show mainstay (and Debbie Downer if you ask us; what’s it doing on a "Delighted" EP?).


  1. All Delighted People
  2. Enchanting Ghost
  3. Heirloom
  4. From the Mouth of Gabriel
  5. The Owl and the Tanager
  6. All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version)
  7. Arnika
  8. Djohariah