Future Past Life


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STRFKR has always been a constantly evolving entity, growing over the years from rambunctious beginnings into the manicured electro-pop perfection they exhibited on their last studio album, 2016’s pristine Being No One, Going Nowhere. New album Future Past Life breaks new ground, dialling back some of the high-gloss production they are known for to craft songs that are stripped down, spaced out and somehow as visceral as they are dream-like. STRFKR goes deeper into these songs by breaking them down to their essential elements, finding a new immediacy when working with raw materials.

The immaculate but danceable pop that has long been STRFKR’s calling card is pushed into exciting new places on Future Past Life. On past records, heavy lyrical themes and darker undercurrents could get obscured by infectious hooks, but here minimal arrangements cut to the emotional centre of the songs. It is a strange and beautiful sonic environment, one that finds STRFKR growing as they embrace the chance and spontaneity that brought these songs about in the first place.


01. Dear Stranger
02. Never The Same
03. Deep Dream
04. Second Hand
05. Better Together
06. Budapest (feat. Shy Boys)
07. Palm Reader
08. Sea Foam
09. Pink Noise
10. Cold Comfort

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