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Anyways, Street Chant rule hard and Means has some cracking good songs. Obvious stand out is Stoned Again. It's fantspastic opening guitar riff is more than enough hook for the whole song. Other sure-fire-hits that had me moshing at the imaginary house party at my parents house I throw every time I put Means on are You Do The Maths, the ol' skool-Bloc Party-esque (key words being: ol' skool) Less Chat, More Sewing, and album opener/cunt kicker Fatigues.

In the end though, I think the thing that I love the most about this record is that it's been kept so simple and so dirty. They could've easily scoured it with distortion and gone for a Wavves/Times New Viking pastiche, but instead they kept it clean and insured that not only their few weaknesses were leaked out, but their many strengths burned bright.

Polaroids of Androids 8.7/10

Track List

1. The Fatigues
2. Scream Walk
3. Less Chat, More Sewing
4. Blister
5. Yr Philosophy
6. Stoned Again
7. You Do The Maths
8. Yaba Ara
9. Pen Dog
10. Cloud Jumpers
11. The Password Is Password