Under A Mediterranean Sky

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Under A Mediterranean Sky is the first new acoustic solo album from legendary guitarist Steve Hackett, since 2008’s Tribute – a record that saw him tackling some of the beautiful classical pieces that his guitar idols had also put their hand to. This new album however takes inspiration from Steve’s extensive travels around the Mediterranean. Under The Mediterranean Sky lacks nothing of the grandiosity of Steve Hackett’s recent solo electric records, however it does give room to the stunning breadth of approach that he has to playing his acoustic guitar, reminding us once again why Steve is such a revered and respected musician.


  1. Mdina - The Walled City 
  2. Adriatic Blue
  3. Sirocco 
  4. Joie de Vivre 
  5. The Memory of Myth
  6. Scarlatti Sonata
  7. Casa del Fauno
  8. The Dervish and the Djin 
  9. Lorato 
  10. Andalusian Heart 
  11. The Call of the Sea