The Steve Allen Collection (CD)




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This release is a whole lot more than just "Join Together". It includes a couple of big hits, a handful of should have been hits, the first ever cover of a Bowie song, a host of finely crafted self written pop songs, collaborations with Wellington rock band Redeye and duets with Kim Hart and Shona Laing, the 1978 Apra Silver Scroll winning song and here you have it: the Steve Allen Collection on CD for the first time.


  1. Join Together (International version)
  2. Life On Mars?
  3. Jaws (with Redeye)
  4. Goodnight Train
  5. The Greatest Show On Earth
  6. Villa Katrina
  7. If It Comes To That
  8. Where Do I Go
  9. Ain't It Nice
  10. Singers Song
  11. Rock And Roll Baby
  12. My Friends
  13. Top Of The World
  14. Simple Song
  15. Silas Peabody
  16. My First Day In The World
  17. That Go Well Feeling
  18. The Loser
  19. Everything I Am (with Redeye)
  20. She Was A Melody
  21. My Sweet Lord
  22. Sweet Lady
  23. Brother And Sister (with Shona Laing)
  24. Why Do They
  25. Out Of Control (with Kim Hart)
  26. Join Together