Somebody Up There Loves Me (Blue and White Vinyl LP)

Blue and White Vinyl LP

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With his latest, Somebody Up There Loves Me, Stalley preaches the word without coming off preachy. He balls out without being bombastic. It’s a masterclass in rapping from the first bars of Red Light. He artfully shifts from a technical double-time to a conversational spill that makes you feel like you’re riding shotgun. With the passage of time, his voice has descended into a resounding gravelly boom that lends itself to his immutable parables of game.

With impeccable beat section from producers BAM, KFisha, Black Diamond, MadKeys, and MMG visionary Namir Blade, Stalley summons a sumptuous soul that feels warm and nostalgic without resorting to retromania. It offers a life-affirming gravity to his declaration that “God, family and morals” are everything that he stands on. Over the Dilla Bap orchestration that channels the late great Motown producer, Stalley drops lightning bolts of wisdom and dazzling rhyme schemes that concisely summarize the perils of the rap game.

Somebody Up There Loves Me is a spiritual journey but never self-righteous. The result of blood, sweat, tears, and introspection that have allowed for Stalley to become a fully realized artist. At one point on Bear Trap, Stalley evokes a car ride bumping the Gorillaz and the Bobby Womack, and his latest feels like a perfect hip-hop middle ground between the two. He has refined a natural musical fluidity and developed a sense of comfort in who he is, where he’s traveled, and where he wants his passport to be stamped next. This an opus that crackles with love, warmth, and unremitting humanity. Over these past years, he’s been working on himself, and now, the droptop is open, the windows are rolled down, and the golden light is shining through. 


1. Red Light
2. Bakery (Free) 
3. Dilla Bap 
4. Essentials 
5. King Of The Ocean 
6. Stal Where You Been (Feat. Ania Hoo) 
7. Reposado Stories 
8. The Spoils 
9. Bear Trap (They Fear Me) 
10. Escape From Here 
11. Fresh Linen 

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