Spend the Night with...

Don't sleep. Don't retreat. Stay a while. Let's spend the night together. Cheena testify to a long history of New York nights, trading insults and borrowing beer at rooftop parties that began years ago. There's plenty of New York in this band - Lou Reed's better glam punches found a jawline or two among them, the heavy handed playing of the Dolls, and that particular manner of NY glam you can hear in Kiss - that's all in Cheena. Spend The Night With... is a soundtrack to nights where revelry and lust are never isolated from poor decisions and vanity, where the grave sincerity of a bathroom confession explodes into cruelty and hysteria, nights on busy streets or crowded subway cars coloured with elegant ambition and constrained by the practicality of street smarts.


1. Cry For Help 
2. Fever
3. Car
4. Jane 
5. Electric Snoopy Gang 
6. Stupor 
7. Tarzan
8. 7 Nights 
9. Liberated Animal 
10. Lost My Way 
11. M.E. (Bonus Track)