Special Interest's songs recall the art rock of Sparks and The B-52s as much as politically-minded punk, and on “Midnight Legend,” the group is more overtly pop than ever before — making something fun during a time of frequent sadness became a central priority. But that doesn’t mean anything is simple or surface-level, with a darkness often treading beneath the smooth production. For as much as the band plays with dissonance, Maria Elena’s expressive guitar work and Nathan Cassiani’s grooving bass lines effortlessly weave together, and shade out the soundscape brought into existence by Alli Logout’s commanding vocal presence.

  1. Cherry Blue Intention
  2. (Herman’s) House
  3. Foul
  4. Midnight Legend
  5. Love Scene
  6. Kurdish Radio
  7. My Displeasure
  8. Impulse Control
  9. Concerning Peace
  10. Interlude
  11. La Blues