The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman (Reissue)



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Commissioned by Sweden’s national radio broadcaster, The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman was a pop opera created by Sparks and released in 2009 as their twenty-second studio album.With a narrative concerning an imaginary trip by Swedish film director Bergman to Hollywood, this impressive collection touches on themes of culture clash between American and European aesthetics.

  1. 1956 Cannes Film Festival
  2. "I Am Ingmar Bergman" 
  3. Limo Driver (Welcome to Hollywood) 
  4. "Here He Is Now" 
  5. "Mr. Bergman, How Are You?" 
  6. "He'll Come 'Round"
  7.  Hollywood Welcoming Committee
  8. "I've Got to Contact Sweden"
  9. The Studio Commissary
  10. "I Must Not Be Hasty"
  11. "Quiet On the Set"
  12. "Why Do You Take That Tone With Me?"
  13. Pleasant Hotel Staff
  14. Hollywood Tour Bus
  15. Autograph Hounds
  16. Bergman Ponders Escape
  17. "We've Got to Turn Him 'Round" 
  18. Escape (Part 1)
  19. Escape (Part 2)
  20. "Oh My God"
  21. Garbo Sings
  22. Almost a Hollywood Ending
  23. "He's Home"