Balls (Reissue)


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Originally released in August 2000, Balls is the 18th studio album by Sparks.CD reissue contains sought after bonus material.The album has been newly remastered for this LP reissue and is pressed on heavyweight vinyl.

CD Tracklist

01. Balls
02. More Than A Sex Machine
03. Scheherazade
04. Aeroflot
05. The Calm Before The Storm
06. How To Get Your Ass Kicked
07. Bullet Train
08. It’s A Knockoff
09. Irreplaceable
10. It’s Educational
11. The Angels
[Bonus Tracks] 

12. It’s A Sparks Show
13. Calm Before The Opera
14. The Angels (
Sparks Alternative Version)
15. More Than A Sex Machine (
Sparks Definitive Version – Radio Edit)
16. The Angels (Tony Visconti Version)
17. The Race For President
18. The Oblongs
19. Calm Before The Storm (Full Length Instrumental)

Vinyl Tracklist

A1. Balls
A2. More Than a Sex Machine
A3. Scheherazade
B1. Aeroflot
B2. The Calm Before the Storm
B3. How to Get Your Ass Kicked
C1. Bullet Train
C2. It's a Knockoff
C3. Irreplaceable
D1. It's Educational
D2. The Angels

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