World Of Blue

Vinyl LP (Moody Blue)



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"The first vinyl release of five previously unreleased tracks recorded prior to 1995's landmark Blue Moods Of Spain album by the band Spain. Includes the original studio version of signature tune 'World Of Blue' featuring Petra Haden on violin. The LP was re-mixed and re-imagined by Kramer at his Noise Miami Studio in 2021 for Shimmy-Disc. The LP World Of Blue features Merlo Podlewski on guitar. Merlo is one of those guitarists whose playing is so smooth and effortless he makes anyone feel like they can play. His playing is magical. He had an instinctual grasp of harmony and theory, which brought a great counterpoint to the technical knowledge and finesse of lead guitarist Ken. From our first practice together I knew he was the right addition to the band. At a certain point we were ready to record our first 7" single, and I reserved some time at Poop Alley. Poop Alley didn't seem like the ideal recording setting. The walls and floors were made of concrete, and there was no soundproofing. The mixing board was in a loft up this steep staircase with no guard rails. But it worked somehow. Not long afterwards Tom shut down the studio. Luckily for us, the tapes still exist. On those tapes are five songs, all of which are represented here. 'I Lied' and 'Her Used-To-Been' were released on the 7", the remaining three have never been released before now."

  1. Her Used-To-Been
  2. Phone Machine
  3. I Lied
  4. Dreaming Of Love
  5. World Of Blue