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Space Waltz is an influential five-piece New Zealand rock band featuring Alastair Riddell and Eddie Rayner, and joined by Peter Cuddihy (bass/vocals), Derek Solomon (guitar/vocals), and Patrick Kuhtze (drums/vocals).The group's new album Victory is their first album in nearly 50 years!Recorded at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios and mixed by Eddie Rayner, the album draws its flavour and style from the band’s collective roots and is propelled by the songwriting and still gender-bending vocals of frontman Alastair Riddell, who himself considers the title of the album to be the perfect characterisation of what could be "the longest ever stretch between debut and sophomore albums, anywhere in the world".


1. Hypnotise Me
2. What Good Does It Do Me (2023 Re-record)
3. Out On The Street (2023 Re-record)
4. Hard Work
5. Golden Weather
6. Angel (2023 Re-record)
7. Rule The World
8. Scars of Love (2023 Re-record)
9. Blessing and a Curse
10. Fraulein Love (2023 Re-record)
11. Boundary Line
12. And Up To Now

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