Dance Planet Remixes

Vinyl 12"
Return to Space Ghost’s celebrated Dance Planet LP with six summer-ready remixes by Central, Dirk 81, Jarren, Nelson of the East and Space Ghost himself. The Oakland-native’s romantic and empowering house sound has enjoyed a growing audience made up of fans and tastemakers alike. The remix package comes courtesy of friends and label affiliates, each lending their touch to Space Ghost’s work. Capitalizing on the inherent warmth in the Bay Area- artist’s sound, Tartelet label head Dirk 81 subtly threads a slow, rolling breakbeat into ‘Deep’, channeling 90s RnB and Balearic. Danish underground powerhouse and Help/Regelbau label affiliate Central injects some up-tempo garage house energy into ‘Be Yourself’ – without losing the swirling romanticism of the original. And LA-based producer Jarren, neighbor to Space Ghost on UK label Apron, leans in to the punchy Lately Bass and turns up the swing on his own version of the track.

  1. Deep (Dirk 81 Remix)
  2. Be Yourself (Central Remix)
  3. Be Yourself (Jarren Remix)
  4. Emotional Healer (Dance Mix)
  5. Emotional Healer (Nelson of the East Forever Dub)