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“FRANCO is the teaming up of revered Aussie producer Plutonic Lab and vocalist Natalie Slade to form a killer two-person combo that delves into funk-laden jams, erring on the side of old school hip-hop with a bit of jazz thrown in, all underpinned with some serious groove.” - Pilerats

“The new collaboration between Plutonic Lab and Natalie Slade just might be the sound of 2019. The project is called FRANCO and with accomplished drummer and producer Pluto on the beats and NZ bred, Aus fed Slade on the vocals, this is a match made in soulful heaven.” - Triple J, Hau Latukefu

The FRANCO EP is an exploration of sonic tone; from rich soulful depths, to a vibrant palette of hip-hop and funk-laden beats, the debut offering from FRANCO is a polished entry. Here is your chance to become acquainted!


1. The Bells
2. Money Over Matter 
3. How To Get In Your Love 
4. It's All On You 
5. How Could You Leave 

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