Walls Have Ears (Reissue) (Vinyl 2LP)

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Originally released, and then swiftly de-released in 1986, this live collection - culled from three very distinct 1985 performances in the UK - is an essential document in capturing just what a live Sonic Youth experience was like during what was arguably their first big peak. With half the record featuring former drummer Bob Bert, and the other capturing some of the earliest appearances with long-time drummer Steve Shelley, The Walls Have Ears is more than just a curiosity, despite being packed with curious moments. Weird, and effing wonderful, this is the perfect way to hear Sonic Youth anew when we know there's no new coming. - Flying Out

Culled from three 1985 gigs in the UK during a transitional and transcendent time in the band’s story, Sonic Youth’s The Walls Have Ears appeared / disappeared as a 2LP set in 1986, not just a live album but an artful tapestry full of live experimentation with songs, between-song tape segues, darkness, humor and audio verité. It’s now issued for the first time officially under the band’s auspices.

The ’85 shows were the second time the band appeared on UK soil, Brits now getting juiced to the mythos of the emerging guitar-slinging American independent underground; an art / punk band from NYC sporting casual attitudes and tees sporting Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and Prince made some good press copy on top of their bludgeoning stage appearance. Paul Smith of the newly-founded Blast First label acted as an overseas diplomatic envoy for Sonic Youth through their SST years as well as issuing their classic 1988 Daydream Nation outside the USA. However the Smith-produced ‘bootleg’ of their ’85 UK gigs surfaced much to everyone’s surprise, just before EVOL was to be released. It turned out to be a marker of the group’s dissatisfaction that ultimately led to the release’s deletion, and the band and Smith parting ways after Daydream.

In this 2LP set brimming with primitive classics like The Burning Spear, Death Valley 69, and I’m Insane (uncredited on sleeve), segues and live guitar changes ooze together threaded by Madonna tapes and vocal loops off the board (somewhat a necessity for distraction until the band had a full fledged stage crew to prepare guitars). The first two sides of Walls are massive, cavernous, with newly-drafted drummer Steve Shelley. SY tear it up especially on one trash-fi excerpt of Blood On Brighton Beach (actually Making The Nature Scene) from a legendary outdoor gig November 8th where Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Lee Ranaldo’s guitars treble-blast dissonant shockwaves over the black-stoned beach of Quadrophenia fame.

The record’s second slab spotlights an April 1985 at London’s Hammersmith Palais and was one of the final appearances live of Bob Bert on drums, again featuring some molten takes on Brother James, Flower (listed as The Word (E.V.O.L.)), and others. This document remains an essential representation of some lean and mean years of the quartet’s throttling march out into the world.”


1. C.B.
2. Green Love
3. Brother James
4. Kill Yr. Idols
5. “Mad” Groove
6. I Love Her (All The Time)
7. Expressway To Yr. Skull
8. Spahn Ranch Dance
9. “Blood On Brighton Beach”
10. Burning Spear
11. Death Valley ’69
12. Speed JAMC
13. Ghost Bitch
14. World Looks Red
15. The Word (E.V.O.L)
16. Brother Jam-Z
17. Killed And Kicked Off

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