A Seat at the Table (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP

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A defiant stand for black identity told through hazy clippings of psychedelic soul. Solange’s third studio album was a long time in the making, having not released one since 2008. By 2016, African-Americanism had been through it all, from the optimism of Barack Obama’s election, the anger of the Ferguson riots, the water crisis of Flint, Michigan and the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Solange doesn’t shy away from any of it, articulating the collective experience of Black Americans in the new Millennium. With help from Raphael SaadiqDev Hynes and features from Lil WayneTweet and Kelly Rowland, the album is warm but unconventionally arranged, with fleeting familiarity and an admiration that blooms the deeper you delve.


Side 1

  1. Rise 1:41
  2. Weary 3:14
  3. Interlude: The Glory is in You 0:17
  4. Cranes in the Sky 4:10
  5. Interlude: Dad Was Mad 0:46

Side 2

  1. Mad 3:55
  2. Don't You Wait 4:05
  3. Interlude: Tina Taught Me 1:14
  4. Don't Touch My Hair 4:17

Side 3

  1. Interlude: This Moment 0:49
  2. Where Do We Go 4:24
  3. Interlude: For Us By Us 0:52
  4. F.U.B.U. 5:13
  5. Borderline (An Ode to Self Care) 3:02

Side 4

  1. Interlude: I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It 0:26
  2. Junie 3:06
  3. Interlude: No Limits 0:39
  4. Don't Wish Me Well 4:15
  5. Interlude: Pedestals 0:57
  6. Scales 3:39
  7. Closing: The Chosen Ones 0:42

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