Live With The Metropole Orkest

Double Vinyl

SOHN, the British producer and songwriter, shared the stage with the Grammy-winning Metropole Orkest and conductor Hans Ek for the opening night of Amsterdam Music Event late last year.

Combining SOHN’s signature glacial electronics with the 54 person-strong classical orchestra, the one-off live performance at celebrated Dutch venue Melkweg brought to life his best-known songs such as ‘The Wheel’, ‘Conrad’ and ‘Artifice’.

Track List:
A1. Hue
A2. Fool
A3. Oscillate
A4. Signal
B1. The Wheel
B2. Bloodflows
B3. Tremors
B4. Harbour
C1. Nil
C2. Lights
C3. Lessons
C4. Hard Liquor
D1. Artifice
D2. Conrad
D3. Rennen