Saturn Return

Vinyl LP



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#Flying Out's #1 album of 2023 " Curating a wide range of influences, from surf pop to swelling shoegaze, Te Whanganui-a-Tara three-piece Soft Plastics' debut album Saturn Return asks us "What if The Ronettes were from Twin Peaks? What if the Cocteau twins made an indie rock album?" Sitting at #1 for many reasons, the incredible songwriting and story arcs layered over diverse soundscapes and magnificent production makes Soft Plastics' debut the full package" Flying Out 

Saturn Return captures the many moods of the 20-something spiral, wallowing in the lows just long enough to have some fun before saying ‘fuck it’ and starting the long walk back up. Singer and bassist Sophie Scott-Maunder seems to relish switching between mourning and eye-rolling. Her expressive delivery and wryly evocative lyrics play back various quarter-life crises with searing clarity. Jonathan Shirley’s guitars eddy in, layered and reverbed, bringing billowing dimension and texture. Deft, driving drums from Laura Robinson propel the album, building to a fizzing crescendo.

Recorded and mixed by James Goldsmith, Soft Plastics have created a captivating and generous record. It will feel bracingly familiar for anyone who has been put through Saturn’s wringer, and provide an illuminated pathway for those among us still ticking off their 20s.   


  1. My World/Your Girl
  2. Easy To Forget
  3. Loozer
  4. Anything I Wanted
  5. Swan Song
  6. Disembody
  7. Darcie
  8. Someone Else
  9. Saturn Return