Sludge Pop EP

10" (Colour)

New Zealand’s indie sludge-pop rockers Soaked Oats are on a high after a massively successful summer of Australia and New Zealand touring and alternative radio chart-topping success following the release of latest singles ‘Driftworld’ and ‘Shuggah Doom’.

Since forming in early 2017, the band have come to notoriety for writing songs about stone fruit. As well as touring prolifically, the band has released three EPs in their short existence. Tour Supports have included Tiny Ruins (NZ) and Hockey Dad (AU).

Soaked Oats have pressed this EP on vinyl using leftover colour pellets from other vinyl runs - each copy will be uniquely coloured.


1. Shuggah Doom (Extended) 
2. Coming Up 
3. Driftworld 
4. My Mud Your Shoes 
5. Don't Chew