Julius Caesar

Vinyl LP

Out on the street, indie rock was an exciting way of life for boys and girls alike in the gay 90s. Here's a couple of voices from the fertile Denver scene, Lisa and Hilarie of Secret Square, picking a favorite from the Drag City young galaxy of stars. In addition to Secret Square, Hilarie played drums and sang for The Apples In Stereo and today plays and sings in The High Water Marks. Lisa played bass with Neutral Milk Hotel for a little while and later played guitar, sang and led the band Late Night in Los Angeles.


1. Strawberry Rash 
2. Your Wedding  
3. 37 Push Ups 
4. Stalled On The Tracks 
5. One Less Star 
6. Golden  
7. When You Walk 
8. I Am Star Wars! 
9. Connections 
10. When The Power Goes Out
11. Chosen One 
12. What Kind Of Angel 
13. Stick In The Mud