Machines of Love & Grace


Available on CD.

Psych-pop outfit Sleepers Union have unveiled their new album Machines Of Love & Grace. The 14-song record, which was laid down at UFO in Auckland, is the long-awaited follow up to 2003 debut Giant Spheres and brings together songwriters Simon MacLaren (Loves Ugly Children, The Subliminals, Psychic Maps) and Mark Anderson (Spider, The Brood, The Onedin Line) with guitarist Francis Hunt (Stereobus) and drummer Nicholas Clarke (Figure 60, The Onedin Line).


1.Don´t Be Yrself 
2.Machines Of Love & Grace 
4.A King & A Crown 
5.Kitchen Soul 
6.Sitting Still (Inside A Box) 
7.Insect Breeder 
8.Polish Shoes 
9.Magic Hour 
11.My Tesla Fields 
12.Lights Out In Wonderland 
13.We Are Made Of Stars 
14.As You Say 
RIYL: Loves Ugly Children, Psychic Maps